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Since the terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania on September of 2001, ethnic minorities associated with Islam in most western countries have experienced an increase in negative media attention. Subsequent terrorist events and the bias media coverage have fuelled backlash violence against those perceived to be Muslim especially in nations aligned with the United States. Today’s media coverage has a tendency to distort, exaggerate or oversimplify facts and thus, provoking feelings of insecurity and suspicion to non-Muslims. In turn, this negative media attention has influenced and encouraged an anti-Islam, anti-Muslim sentiment that is affecting the lives of those that identify themselves as followers of Islam. Moreover, in recent years there has been a significant increased in far-right groups whose sole objective has been to spread hate propaganda aimed at Islam and followers of the faith.

Britishtan was influenced and born by the need for a safe platform where Muslims and non-Muslims can engage in informed discussion and debate that will promote education, not only about Islam as a faith, but also about how we can work together to develop and maintained Britain as the multi-cultural and multi-faith democracy that has become. We believe that the greater the knowledge and familiarity of what we don’t know or understand, the lower the levels of prejudice, racism, islamophobia, xenophobia, and bigotry.


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